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Recording is in the studio at 1301 Pierce, or in                 THE BLOCK VENUE.

Your time and fee is according to what you book.  A live performance can be booked through

Shows are all ages and can be filmed and or recorded LIVE.  The Studio permits bands, ensembles, and has gear including a hammond organ, vintage amps to rent, along with musicians to hire for your back track. We host the best musicians in Sioux City for this studio with their contracts in place and fees to adjust depending on your interest!  We are here for you to get your work done and done well.

Recording with the most current updated PROTOOLS recording for every musician's organic sound.  The Mixing time should be an appointment scheduled with our studios technicians to produce your sound and prepare for the first listening.  After the listening, then we will schedule a mastering appointment to verify your work and its details before the Mastered, Finished product.

We are very interested in the artist's sound and what potential it may have.  The Sound Technician is an " instrument "to enhance your work.

Before Mastering every recording will have a finished product

listing session...

This is your chance to change things and enhance your recording before it is mastered.  It is charged by the our just like the hours in Recording.  All fees are charged by the hour.

Under no circumstances are musicians permitted to have the finished mastered product before the statement is paid in full. Once you pay, then we play... your best song on this site if your chosen!  

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The Studio is a perfect setting to create your sound with an intensional approach to exceed your expectation.  We offer vintage gear, live show recording in our live venue space, digital or real to real using protools and its most current, advanced program.   To book your time, live before an audience or in the studio... TEXT and BOOK on this site. 

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Musicians for Hire

Studio musicians for your project.  Hire musicians for recording time and scheduled two week in advance.  

Hourly Rate  $ 20  each hire. 

Booking Deposit 40% of recording time and musician's hire.

Rock, Soul, Funk,


Vocals, Bass, Percussion

Rock, Metal,  

Vocals, Electric Guitar   

Concert Band, Jazz, Rock, Digital Beats, Hip Hop, Punk Rock


Classical, Jazz, Rock


Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, Gospel

Beat Producer

Indie, Rock, Punk Rock, 

Folk, Country

Guitar, Bass

Friends of The Studio

The Ooks of Hazzard

“A few chords strummed on a ukulele, enough to please a few others beside yourself, does more good in this world than the combined efforts of all the financiers and politicians that ever lived.” – Frank Littig

1301 Pierce St Sioux City, IA

Tel: 1-712-574-1755

The BLOCK Studio is open to the public with a membership option to have discounts on Music  Recording.


Monday - Friday 8am - 11pm

Saturday - 10am - 11pm



Ready to book a session? 


Text Is Best    712-574-1755

or fill out the contact form & we’ll get you rolling

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